iPhone 6 Rumors: Survey Reveals All the Features People Want most in iPhone 6

There are many rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 , but there is one thing we can be sure : after the debut later this year , will become the all time most popular smart phones. In fact, it is almost certainly the best-selling single smartphone model yet. According to many sound sources reported that Apple iPhone 6 will have a major redesign with rounded edges , a slim case and a larger 4.7 -inch screen . You may also have a new Apple A8 processor and NFC.


Of course, we can not entirely sure that we look at 6 Apple iPhone, until the phone launched in the coming months . This does not mean we can not expect certain things at the same time , a new study sheds light on Apple’s next-generation iPhone in the most desirable new features .

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Not surprisingly, almost everyone in the interview survey – 97% of respondents – said they want the iPhone 6, including longer duration. 85% of people said they want a bigger screen, which is good news for Apple from a 4.7 -inch screen is almost guaranteed at this point , and 73% were told that they wanted a better camera .

If your old iPhone is still working with iOS 6, read this post to upgrade your iPhone from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

43% of respondents said they want the iPhone 6, including a faster processor , 37% of people want a microSD slot for extended storage , 35% of people want to become a lower-cost handsets , 8% Card Dual subject to the option .

Among those who said they planned after the launch , buy a new iPhone 6, 34% of people said that they intend to launch day to buy it, but only 3 % said they wait in line.

63 percent said they plan to buy iPhone 6, but had no fixed when calculating the time frame .

Finally , 84% of respondents said they plan to buy iPhone 6 will be upgraded from the current iPhone models . 11% of people will change from Android phones less than 1% said they would change is the Windows Mobile or BlackBerry.

Widely expected that the next generation Apple iPhone 6 launch in late September this year.

Resource from: http://bgr.com/2014/05/21/iphone-6-rumors-survey-features-purchase-intention/

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